Scottish legacy meets American ingenuity. We handcraft each bottle of Armadale with the unique characteristics of flavorful grains and pure Cascade Mountain water. Then we filter our spirit five times through charcoal and crushed lava rock. Whether you enjoy Armadale straight up or in your favorite cocktails, you’ll experience an ultra smooth vodka thatʼs rich in character.


We take pride on our quality

Armadale consists of 40% Alcohol Volume.

Armadale is filtered five times through charcoal and crushed lava rock.

Armadale is created by 100% Neutral spirits.

There is only 1 Armadale Vodka.


Team Armadale is our group of talented individuals within the entertainment industry.


Armadale is about the people, and empowering people to change their life and others around them. We are spreading hope and love through a movement, and we are asking you to join, whether its through nightlife events, sporting events, charity events, being a better employee, a better friend, father, mother, brother or sister. We stand for responsible drinking, and legal age drinking. There’s no great joy than helping others, we are a team, a family, we are Armadale.

fadd2Our parties will have free access to breathalyzers, ride sharing, and complimentary rides home. Providing a #topshelflife experience must include safety and protecting people from making one bad decision. These events will also generate money so we can offer services to people through rehab, counseling, and assisting with needs. Our goal is to help get the families on the right path.

fadd3We are at the forefront of providing family activities for people who are recovering alcoholics, people who have lost a loved one do to drunk driving, or are their household is tore apart because of alcoholism. We are have started in the South Florida area, partnering with the Miami Dolphins, the Miami Heat, and many more to come. They provide us with very cost effective ticket prices, so we can donate them to the community. We also provide transportation from surrounding cities such as Palm Beach, Fl, where going to a Miami sports event is to costly for a family of four. This is going to expand to every city and sports team, and has given kids and parents hope, love and motivation to make it through these hard times.

faddgirlWe had our first golf tournament at PGA National in Palm Beach, Fl and are working on doing more events to raise awareness to corporations and local businesses that they need to get involved, these people need help and are an integral part of our society.


fadd1Armadale wants to give back, and we feel the need to make sure our product  does more good, rather than cause harm to the people. So we have developed a Non-Profit 501c3 called Families Against Drunk Driving, and its purpose was to fill a void that very few charities are doing; be purposeful about giving people options and educating them on Drunk Driving, rather than just pass more laws; help families and children who are in a home where they or a loved one is an alcoholic by giving them a voice and experiences so they can overcome those challenges.


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